Celebrities celebrate Passover too!

Happy Passover, everyone! If like me, you are sitting at your desk starving counting down the hours till you can eat carbs again, just know you are not alone.  Even some of our favorite Jewish celebrities are celebrating the holiday. 

A colleague came across this article from Schmooze and The Forward. The writer, Renee Ghert-Zand, tracked down a bunch of celebrities with Twitter accounts who have been tweeting about Passover. Here's what she had to say:

It might not surprise you that celebrities were tweeting pre-, post- and even mid-Seder. Some typed clever quips, while others sent out heartfelt thoughts, including greetings for Easter, which coincides this year with the first days of Passover. Here are some of The Shmooze's favorite Pesach posts of 140 characters or less.

With Passover falling on Easter this year and every food in the grocery store containing either corn syrup or soy, its times like this when it's hard to be Jewish.  Just ask Jon Stewart. Jon Stewart says Jews should 'step it up' on Passover.

While our eggs will never be filled with chocolate and cream, it's nice to see Passover get a little recognition in the social media sphere. 

Below is Ghert-Zand's list of celebrity Passover tweets.  I tracked down a few more and added them to the bottom.

Susan Orlean (on a pre-Passover flight): On this flight we eat only unleavened peanuts and snack mix, to remember how hastily we went through security.

Joan Rivers: Heading to Melissa's for Passover. Seders in L.A. are so showbiz - until Elijah arrives, we've hired a seat filler from the Oscars.

Leonard Nimoy: Passover. A time for renewal. May we be free of old burdens. LLAP

Ari Shapiro: 'tis the season to throw out the half jar of horseradish that's been in my fridge since last Passover & buy a new one. Fa la la la la…

Jeff Greenfield: As Passover nears: wonder how many Gentiles think "Hide the Afikomen" is a double entendre.

Elizabeth Banks: Happy Passover, Tweeps. Preparing to straight dominate our Seder.

Mitt Romney: Ann joins me in wishing everyone sitting down for a Passover Seder a joyous time with family and friends.

Barack Obama: President Obama wishes a chag sameach to all those celebrating Passover this weekend

Fran Drescher: Its almost passover. I hope everyone has an amazing weekend no matter if they are celebrating a holiday or not! luv my fans!! xo-F

Bruce Springsteen: Passover on E Street? Some very dedicated fans held Seder from within Madison Square Garden last night.

Steven Van Zandt: Yes there was a Seder in one of the backstage rooms last night. Russo's line was Wrecking Matzo Ball!

Andy Borowitz: "Chocolate bunnies? Too obvious. Let's go with bitter herbs and saltwater." - The man who invented Passover

Bette Midler: Happy Pesach and Happy Easter to all who are celebrating the season… The brisket's in the oven and the Alka Seltzer by the sink! Charge!

Michael Bloomberg: Wishing everyone a Happy #Easter and a Chag Kasher V'Sameach!

Dan Levy: Passover is a great holiday if you don't hate your parents and love being constipated.

Paula Abdul: LOVING this holiday weekend. I'm enjoying my #Passover so much. I truly have some of the most caring, amazing friends & family. :))

Henry Winkler: May your sedar be short and your Easter colorful

Kris Jenner: OOPS! Almost forgot!! Happy Passover everyone!!! Gotta spread the Love! Xo

And a few more:

Jill Zarin Same to you and yours!RT @DrCindyBressler@Jillzarin@realgingerzarin@bobbyzarin Happy Passover to you and your family...have a great holiday :)

Jeremy Piven "@wolf_EJ: @jeremypiven happy Pesach bruh" Same to all of you!

"@funnyordie: Jesus Christ died for your decorative eggs and delicious chocolate. Happy Easter!" Get after it!"

Mayim Bialik Alright west coast. I am shutting down soon for shabbat and 2 days of the religious observance of passover soon. I will check back in after the festival sun night or when I am back to work Monday! Happy weekend!

Whitney Port Happy Passover everyone!! http://bit.ly/HkHtCW Just a few pics from last year's Seder with my family :)

Debbie Wasserman Schultz To all who will begin celebrating Passover tonight, Chag Semeach. I wish you a wonderful seder with family and friends.

Sarah Palin Happy Passover http://fb.me/V3tC33Nr

Sarah Silverman AP:  Passover, Easter fall on same weekend. Bread doesn't rise, Jesus does

Happy Passover, just don't call me yenta!


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