Fun and technology meet at Apachi J Camps

Last summer, the camp added a program called #BIG IDEA, a tech innovation camp with a twist.

Summer at Apachi J Camps has always been about swimming, sports, dance, Shabbat celebrations, and making new friends. But now-Apachi J Camps is about tech too.

Last summer, the camp added a program called #BIG IDEA, a tech innovation camp with a twist. At #BIGIDEA, design, coding, cyber security, music, robotics, and 3D modeling are combined with unplugged time for campers. Last summer, over 175 campers experienced this program, staffed by a combination of Israeli and local counselors. Campers were challenged each day to expand their thinking, use their creativity, and, of course, still get outside and enjoy the sunshine with their fellow campers.

"I'd like to think I'm a creative, weird, and funny kid," said a #BIGIDEA camper. "I'm a firm believer that video games are an art form. [Video games are] an interactive movie, and being able to live in virtual reality is so stupendous! When we play video games, sometimes we think, 'I wish this was a little different.' At #BIGIDEA, we can literally make that difference."

This summer, the tech camp will be offered again in Northbrook and expand to the Lincoln Park neighborhood of in Chicago as well. In addition, Apachi J Camp is expanding #BIGIDEA for preschoolers.

For more information, or to register, visit here

JCC is a partner with the Jewish United Fund in serving our community.

Ilana Carp is the manager of Program Marketing for JCC Chicago and is a proud former Apachi and Camp Chi camper.


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