What’s your biggest hope for 5781?

Community members share their wishes for the new Jewish year.

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Pamela Baskin Greenfield and her family.

It's been a year full of challenges, but with Rosh Hashanah and the year 5781 just around the corner this is your chance to refresh! The new Jewish year is the perfect opportunity to take a moment to reflect on the year behind us and make new wishes for the year ahead. Here are what some Jewish Chicagoans are hoping for next year…


Richard Moline:

"May our masks fit snugly and our voices be strong. May our bodies distance and our spirits draw near. May we wash our hands and cleanse our souls. May we stay close to home and be open to the world. May we be brave and be careful. May we be online and be offbeat. And in the wise words of Bob Dylan, may we stay forever young."


Becca Wander (13) and Jacob Wander (9):

"To have a healthy year and have everything go back to normal."


Carter Liebman:

I'm hopeful that 5781 will be a transformative year. It's the year that I graduate with my bachelor's, and a pivotal year for the world at large. I'm preparing for interconnectedness and empathy, compassion, and activism. Let this year bring about a sense of change, and center on uplifting underrepresented voices. More than anything, I want it to mark a turning point in my life and the lives of those around me.


Marcey Barichello:

"I am wishing in the new year for a vaccine or medications so we can control the spread of this virus and our lives can return to normal. With that, [I hope to] be able to meet with people and friends again-and give hugs."


Pamela Baskin Greenfield:

"This year may look different as we may not gather all together, but my wish is for good health, happiness, and the opportunity for our community to focus on tikun olam, or 'repairing the world,' and reflect on the role we all play in our families and communities."


Dena Levy:

"My biggest wish for the new year is for tranquility, healing, and a brighter tomorrow for my children."


Lauren Deer:

"I wish for my family and friends to stay healthy throughout this new year to come."


Emma Bliwas

"I wish that more people would have a positive mindset throughout these times of uncertainty. During this quarantine, I have had quality time with my family and the opportunity to take a step back from my busy life. I have started to appreciate the little things and the simple moments. I hope that everyone will try a new hobby, hug their family a little closer, and reach out to old friends during the coming year."

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