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Streams Funding in Israel and in Ukraine


In 2016 JUF provided $300,000 for pluralistic programs in Israel and $150,000 for pluralistic and Jewish education programs in Ukraine.

In 1998, the Jewish United Fund participated in the national Unity Campaign raising funds in support of pluralistic religious streams in Israel. When United Jewish Communities (now Jewish Federations of North America) was developed and an overseas allocations process implemented that permitted local communities to designate part of their overseas allocations, this community decided to use funds in support of programs conducted by Progressive, Masorti, Modern Orthodox streams and Transdenominational programs in Israel. The program has had positive results locally, nationally and in Israel. By targeting some of its overseas funds without detracting from the support of the major beneficiaries, the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) and the American Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), Chicago set itself up as an example for other communities to follow.

In addition to JUF’s direct allocation to the streams, additional JUF funds are indirectly provided to the streams via the core allocation to our overseas partner, JAFI. JAFI’s 2015 allocation(the most recent year) to the streams was $2,732,136 which is divided as follows: the Reform Movement $1,092,855 the Conservative Movement $1,092,855 and Modern Orthodox $546,426. 

In Kyiv

JUF’s Kyiv Kehillah Committee was established in 1999 and in 2013 became a subcommittee of JUF's Israel and Overseas commission. It supports projects in Kyiv which focus on formal and informal Jewish education. The Kyiv Kehillah Committee provided $150,000 in pluralistic and Jewish education support in 2016.

Overview of Program Grants

The following 17 streams programs in Israel received support from JUF in 2016.

In Israel

Progressive (Reform) Movement – Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism - $102,000

  • Bat Mitzvah Revolution
  • U'faratztah-new communities initiative
  • Russian-speaking community programs

Masorti (Conservative) Movement and Schechter Institute for Jewish Studies - $102,000

Masorti Movement Programs:

  • NOAM Gap year and Army programs
  • NOAM National activities

Schechter Institute for Jewish Studies Programs:

  • Taaleh (formerly Lehava)-ongoing training and support for Masorti rabbis
  • Neve Schechter Holiday Events
  • Rabbinical student internships in Masorti congregations
  • TALI Gan in Kiryat Gat

Modern Orthodox and Transdenominational - $96,000

  • Yaacov Herzog Center - Study halls for students in the south of Israel
  • Yaacov Herzog Center - Judaism and Humanistic Values
  • Ohr Torah Stone – Women's Institute of Halakhic Leadership
  • Eretz Hemdah - Training Beit Din Judges
  • Tzohar - Jewish Wedding Initiative
  • MEITARIM - Meitarim Schools
  • Alma Home for Hebrew Culture
  • Jerusalem OpenYeshiva

In Kyiv, Ukraine

In 2016, JUF’s Kyiv Kehillah Committee allocated $150,000 for pluralistic and Jewish education programs in Kyiv.

World Union for Progressive Judaism (Reform)

  • Progressive Jewish Seminars and Summer Camps

 Midreshet Yerushalayim (Conservative)

  • Masorti (Conservative) Programming
  • Masorti Jewish Summer Camps

 Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI)

  • Jewish Kyiv Explorers

  American Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)

  • Volunteerism Among Young Adults

  World ORT

  • Jewish teacher stipends at the ORT Technology School in Kiev
  • Shabbaton for 5th graders and their families

Hillel Kyiv

  • School of Volunteering Program