Other Trades & Industries

Educators Division

Teachers, educators and administrators involved in Chicago schools, suburban schools, Jewish day schools, universities, junior colleges, Jewish colleges and yeshivot.

Foods & Hospitality Division

For hospitality industry professionals including caterers, bakers, food stores, food manufacturers, wholesalers, brokers and restaurateurs.

Government Agencies Division

For elected public officials and agency employees at all levels of government including village, county, federal, city and state.

High Tech Division

For professionals in the technology field interested in emerging technologies, connecting to community leaders and accessing a wide range of technical specialties.  For more information on the High Tech Division email HighTech@juf.org

Marketing and Media Division

In the increasingly divergent world of mass communications we bring together employees of advertising, marketing and public relations companies, with those from TV, radio and media. The division is also tailored to reach everyone from the entertainment industry to those in the arts (theater, film, music, photography, etc.).

Non-Profit Organizations Division

For those employed by the non-profit community including administrators, managers, directors and other professionals. Members of JUF agencies including Council for Jewish Elderly, Jewish Community Centers, Jewish Child & Family Service and Jewish Vocational Service are also included in this division.

Wholesalers, Retailers and Manufacturers Division

This new exciting division was founded by leadership from the Automotive, Paper Products, Printing & Graphics, Metals and Machinery, and Consumer Products and Services Divisions to offer broader business oriented events while reaching out to young business owners and entrepreneurs.