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The Springboard blog highlights the experiences of Jewish teens and Jewish teen professionals participating in community programs across Chicagoland and beyond. Dive into blogs about different Jewish teen events, leadership programs, trip opportunities, and more! Join us in celebrating the unique perspectives and contributions of Jewish teens and professionals in the Jewish community. To post a blog, please email

Springboard Blog

Springboard Blog

8 Reasons Why You Should Check Out Springboard

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In the spirit of the miraculous 8 nights of Hannukah, see what our Springboard Social Media Interns have to say about why YOU should check out Springboard in 2017!

1. ✡ Make new Friends

✡ Make new Friends

Traveling with someone on one of Springboard’s numerous School Break opportunities can create meaningful relationships and lead to brand new friendships

2. ✡ Discover Your Local Community

✡ Discover Your Local Community

Springboard’s Teen Engagement Specialists, Tamara and Brittany, are excited to talk to you about your interests and to help you find a programs that suits you best. They love to get coffee with teens and their parents, and chat about fun programs or trips happening- so head to and shoot them an email now!

3. ✡ Explore New Places

✡ Explore New Places

Spend your spring break exploring a new place during one of Springboard’s exciting School Break programs. Spend time in the city of Chicago or the hills of Wisconsin instead of sitting at home.

4. ✡ Strengthen your Jewish Identity

✡ Strengthen your Jewish Identity:

Learn more about the Jewish community and Jewish values while having fun during your School Break. Being Jewish is awesome when you have the right community of friends to do it with.

5. ✡ Inspire New Achievements

✡ Inspire New Achievements

Doing what you’re passionate about can encourage you to take on new challenges, whether it’s changing the world or building a tree house, check out programs that inspire you to accomplish big goals.

6. ✡ Discover What You Love

✡ Discover What You Love

Doing what you love ensures happiness in yourself and others. Head over to the Community Calendar @ to find events that align with your interests- you may even discover new programs to check out!

7. ✡ Gain Awesome Skills

✡ Gain Awesome Skills

Springboard’s School Break programs give participants a chance to explore a variety of different types of programs. Try something new and unleash your creativity, while learning about yourself. One awesome skill that participants gained last year was learning how to make a film!

8. ✡ Find Great Role Models

✡ Find Great Role Models

Tamara and Brittany will work with you to find awesome opportunities in the Chicagoland Jewish community. They are great role models and are always down to hang out at youth programs! Follow @SpringboardChicago on Instagram and to say hi and interact with them on social media!