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Max Coven Reflects on his Pio Summer

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This summer Tamara Stein, had the incredible opportunity to lead Beber Camp’s Pioneer Trip to Poland and Israel. Below, Max Coven reflects on his love for Beber Camp and what it meant to go to Israel with 35 of his Beber friends.  

The eight summers I've had at Beber Camp have been a spectacular way to spend my off time from school. Year after year, I keep coming back because of the community that is built every summer. There is not enough time in the world to spend with the people I care for most. Everyone meets you with open arms and always wants to know more about you. It is a great feeling to have, especially when everyone only wants to be your friend. My experience gets better and better each summer and I can't stop dreaming of what summer 2018 has to bring. 

Going to Israel strengthened my Jewish identity tremendously this summer. I mostly have to thank my Pioneer (or Pio, as we call it) leaders and my amazing tour guides in the land of Israel.  This new feeling began after a team building program where we had a profound discussion about whether Jewish identity was about religion or just our friendly community. For me, my identity was strengthened every moment that I became a deeper part of my Pio community and brought others along with me. After touring Israel for close to three weeks, I found something inside of me that I don't often show. Every time we had a moment of silence or time to pray I was able to share a new side of myself with my camp friends. 

All in all, both my Jewish identity and my bond with my camp have grown stronger and I can't wait to go back next summer!