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Interfaith work: Turning an Idea into a Reality

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Nearly 4 years ago, a conversation between a rabbi and a pastor sparked an idea: What if youth from both communities took a trip to the south together? Since its inception that day, the concept of an educational, interfaith trek southward continued to resurface, and has finally become reality. Let’s Get Together: An Interfaith Journey Toward Justice will bring Chicago's African American and Jewish teens together on a journey to explore our shared history in the Civil Rights Movement.  Far from being a simple sightseeing trip, participants will return to Chicago armed with strong bonds of friendship; a deep sense of shared purpose; and the leadership skills which will allow them to be change-agents in their communities.   

The chaperones for Let’s Get Together - volunteers from a variety of Chicago-based Jewish organizations - are all hugely excited to be taking part in the program’s maiden voyage.  As one stated in early correspondence with the group, “I am so grateful … for [this] vision of breaking down barriers, building connections, and empowering our youth to harness their collective power in advocating for lasting change, reconciliation, & justice.”  The colleague of another expressed his regret that he couldn’t return to 9th grade for the trip! 

The appeal of Let’s Get Together is simple.  If you are curious to learn from those who are different than you, or eager to explore your own past; if you want to see new places and make new bonds; if you are tired of how our city/country is so divided and are looking for a way to effect change, this trip is for you.

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Here are just a few of the historically significant places that Let’s Get Together will visit as we travel to Little Rock, Arkansas; Memphis, Tennessee; St. Louis, Missouri; and Springfield, Illinois:

Little Rock High

Civil Rights Museum

St. Louis Arch

Springfield IL Capitol