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It's a Bird, It's a Plane, No! It's a Super Blood Wolf Moon!

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This coming Sunday, January 20, we will have the chance to see one of the most rare and unique views of the moon. A super wolf blood moon will appear in the sky starting around 9:30 pm CST. What is a super blood wolf moon you ask? Well let’s break it down!  

A super moon is when the moon is closer to the earth than normal. This means that the moon will appear larger than it would on any other given night. The wolf moon refers to the first full moon of the new year and originates from the idea of wolves howling in the cold night for food. A blood moon is when the sun’s rays bounce off the Earth’s atmosphere projecting a red tint onto the moon. To make all of these coincidences even crazier, they are taking place during a total lunar eclipse. Unlike most eclipse’s however, the super wolf blood moon will last for close to an hour. These five events rarely happen at the same time and we are lucky enough to have one of the best views in the WORLD for this awesome event! 

Just like the Super Blood Wolf Moon (SBWM), Springboard is also preparing for an amazing, though not- as- coincidental, convergence of five unique experiences. There are still 5 school break trips happening this year. Each one of Springboard’s school break programs stands alone in offering unrivaled experiences that as a Chicagoland teen, you have the best (and only) view for/chance to participate in.  

Springboard’s school break programs will take you all across the country: from the Big Apple, to going on a college road trip, learning awesome skills at Camp Chi, experiencing important locations from the Civil Rights movement, or becoming the next Jewish Rockstar in St. Louis. Like the Super Blood Wolf Moon, you won’t want to miss out on your chance to participate. So, sign up for your next awesome adventure and experience a moon that we won’t see again until at least 2022! 

Want to share your excitement? On Sunday night during the SBWM post a picture on Instagram of yourself and the moon with #SpringboardSBWM and you can win an awesome Springboard swag.  

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