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Let’s Get Together: A Journey for Social Justice

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Let's Get Together

“In order to create a better, brighter future with more justice and equality, we need to unite these groups that have been attacked throughout history and realize that we have amazing similarities.”  

-Simon Adams, 17, Lane Tech High School, Let’s Get Together participant.  

Last year African American teens, of all religions, and Jewish teens, of all racial backgrounds, took a journey through the South to learn about their communities and how to advocate for social justice. The teens stopped at important cites and landmarks such as the National Civil Rights Museum, Little Rock High School, and lobbying at Springfield, Illinois during their trip where they explored anti-Semitism, civil rights, and integration.  With a goal to bridge the cultural gaps between these two communities, the teens joined together during fun activities and meaningful conversations about how they can help better their communities. “During Let’s Get Together we discussed different stereotypes that are prominent in the Jewish community as well as the African American community. This was really meaningful because the discussion not only brought us close, but also shed some light on how saying certain things or doing certain things can affect others on a deeper level.” - Jacob Kline, 16, Lane Tech High School 

Once again, this powerful trip is being offered again to teens throughout of all the Chicagoland area. From April 14-17 teens in grades 9-12 will have the amazing opportunity to travel to Memphis, Little Rock, St. Louis and Springfield.  

Let’s Get Together gives teens the resources and ability to use their words to create change. “Now that I’ve been on this trip and I’ve been able to talk about the things I felt and believed in and people listened to me, I feel like I’m able to speak way better than before.” Genevieve Hicks 17, Richard T Crane Medical Prep, said after coming back from Let’s Get Together.   

This trip is a great opportunity to learn about our history as a nation and come together to help fight social injustice. To learn more and sign up for Let’s Get Together click here.