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My Hebrew Story by Glenbrook North Hebrew Ambassador

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Hebrew Word 2

Since starting high school, Hebrew has become a major part of my life. Before freshman year, I was not aware of how much I could enjoy taking a language class. I decided to take Hebrew because I had heard fantastic things about Josh Morrell, the teacher at Glenbrook North and I also heard that it was overall a great class. I can definitely see Hebrew benefiting my future because I plan to visit Israel many times later in my life. Additionally, knowing conversational Hebrew will allow me to communicate easily with the people around me. Learning Hebrew will also impact my future because I plan to take Hebrew in college, therefore I will be well prepared. 

Others should take Hebrew because even though learning a new language can be challenging, it can also be very enjoyable. Hebrew is a class that I always look forward to attending because of the connection I have with my classmates. There is a strong sense of community in the Hebrew classroom that is hard to find in other classes. Taking Hebrew at school has increased my appreciation for the language.  

When I am at Temple or reciting a prayer at home, I have a completely different perspective and understanding because of my experience taking Hebrew. My view of the Hebrew language is significantly more positive now that I have learned more conversational Hebrew.  I am thankful that I decided to take Hebrew. It has been such an enjoyable experience for me and I believe that all students can benefit from taking Hebrew at their high school.