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5 Ways to Have the Best Purim Ever

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Purim Mask

Purim is here! The Jewish holiday of Purim (best recognized as the holiday where we dress up and eat delicious triangular cookies called hamentashen) takes place during the Hebrew month of Adar. Did you know that during Adar it’s actually a commandment to be happy?  Below we offer some suggestions to increase your happiness this Purim.

  1. Make a wacky new kind of Hamantaschen this year. While I’m sure many of us have enjoyed some decadent Hamantaschen during one Purim celebration or another, here are some fun unique recipes for you to try this year! Bake them, eat them, share them, however you want to spread the Purim joy is encouraged!
  2. Take your costume to the next level and get some inspiration from last years top Purim costumes
  3. Sick and tired of having the same old Grogger for Purim? Check out this fun article on how to make and decorate your own Grogger this Purim! 
  4. Want to do something nice for your friends or family? Purim is a perfect time to do just that! Mishloach Manot are baskets of food, drinks, or other treats delivered to family or friends on Purim. Take this opportunity to send your loved ones some Mishloach Manot.  
  5. Check out our Instagram story where we ask ‘What Makes You Happy’ and will be sharing your responses throughout the day on Purim/Thursday!