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My Hebrew Story by Stephanie Kallish

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Hi, my name is Stephanie Kallish and I will be a Junior in the fall at Highland Park High School. The Highland Park High School Hebrew program has been such a positive experience for me in many ways. I have learned so much, improved my conversation and comprehension skills, and forged relationships with other Jewish teens my age. 

Ever since I was little, I have always had a passion for Hebrew and Israel. Unlike the average kid, I looked forward to going to Hebrew school. My teachers told me how amazing Israel was and how important it is to our faith. After traveling to Israel in eighth grade with Ta’am Yisrael, I understood what they meant and developed an appreciation for how modern and fast paced Israel truly is. This deepened my connection to the Hebrew language. It is not only the language of the Torah, but it is vibrant, current and cool! 

I recommend Hebrew to any incoming high schooler. Not only is Hebrew an amazing and fascinating language, but the class is engaging, fun and tight knit.  There is something very special about having a class with the same people every year. Typically, the summer can be super stressful finding out who your teachers are and who is in your classes, but Hebrew classes have stability of teachers and friends. After being in a class with the same people for four years, you will make friends that you never thought you would.  In Hebrew we are all so close because we automatically have one thing in common; we chose to take Hebrew all four years.  

If you are even considering taking Hebrew, I recommend you sign up. For me, taking Hebrew was one of the most positive decisions I have made so far for myself. It has had an impact on my social, academic and Jewish life.  It has also helped me foster a much stronger connection to Israel than I ever had before. My Hebrew story is a positive one, and I hope you one day you can create your own.