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Springboard Blog

Introducing Caitlyn Altenberg, A Springboard Peer Ambassador

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About the prompt: We asked each Peer Ambassador to share with us a pivotal moment in their Jewish journey, what being a Peer Ambassador means to them personally, and what value speaks to them. Stay tuned over the next month to hear from all of the Peer Ambassadors.

Check out Caitlyn's blog post below to read how her Jewish journey at Jewish Day School and Camp Chi have inspired her to become a Peer Ambassador in the community.

I attended Jewish Day School from nursery years up until 8th grade. Because of the friendships I made and teachers I met, I gained an amazing Jewish education that has served me well in life. In 8th grade I attended an Israel trip that allowed me to grow as a person and experience a whole new culture and life living as a jew. Not only was attending Hebrew school and an Israel trip an experience of a lifetime, I also attended a Jewish overnight camp, Camp Chi in Lake Delton Wisconsin, that allowed me to create bonds I never knew I needed. Going to camp strengthened my Jewish identity and gave me the confidence to participate in Jewish life to the fullest. For a few years now I have been a part of USY, which has made being in a Jewish community very important to me especially because I now attend a non-Jewish High School. 

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Being a Peer Ambassador is an exciting adventure for my Jewish identity because I want to share and create programs that will get people excited about Judaism just as much as my friends and I are. I am so thankful that I was exposed to a bunch of amazing programs because not only do I want to get more involved but I also want to help other people become more involved in this big step in one's Jewish Identity. I would like to stay involved and become a leader in the Jewish community as I get older and I think that being a Peer Ambassador will give me the skills and experience to make that happen.

Caitlyn Altenberg

About the Author: Caitlyn is a Junior at Stevenson High School, where she participates in her school softball team and active leadership roles in her community. She enjoys playing softball and hanging out with friends. Through her love of overnight camp and counselor experience she has grown to strive for a higher grasp as a leader and become closer with her Jewish community. Caitlyn loves how flexible and rewarding the Peer Ambassador program is and she is very excited to start this adventure with everyone.