BreakAway: Tree House Construction

Seriously… You Get to Build a Tree House

Grab your friends and head to Wisconsin for BreakAway. With five different specialized projects, there's something for every interest.

Bring your favorite TV shows to life with Tree House Construction where participants will learn to design, create and build a permanent tree house. Teens will be introduced to basic woodworking skills in Camp Chi's fully equipped woodworking studio, learn construction and engineering skills as they design the tree house, and work as a team to construct their vision. Their tree house will remain a permanent structure at Camp Chi for years to come!

You'll also have time to hang out with other BreakAway participants during joint meals, evening and late night programs, trips and more.

Program Highlights

  • Spend the week with other Chicagoland teens at Camp Chi
  • Design and build a Tree House with the guidance of experienced carpenters
  • Gain experience with woodworking and engineering
  • Hang out in the evenings with all BreakAway participants at special events, campfires and more 
Perlstein Resort at Camp Chi
Monday, March 26- Friday, March 30, 2018
$275 for first time participants; $400 for teens that have already participated in a Springboard School Break Program
Woodworking, Engineering, Design, Construction


Q: My friend is participating in a different BreakAway project. Will I get to see him/her?
A: Yes. The great part about BreakAway is you can spend the day immersed in what interests you, and still get to hang out with your friends and all the teens from the other projects during meals, night activities, trips and down time.

Q: I don't have any woodworking/building experience. Is this program for me?
A: No prior woodworking, engineering or building experience is required- just a fun attitude and creative spirit as we embark on creating something unique and lasting as a group!

Q: What if the weather doesn't cooperate?
A: Being flexible is key for this breakout. There are aspects that can be completed indoors if the weather is poor, such as designing the Tree House and spending time in the woodworking studio creating the pieces for the Tree House or other projects. If the weather is manageable, we will head outdoors as planned - this is part of the fun of being adventurous!

Q: Can you accommodate my dietary restrictions?
A: Special diets and food allergies can be accommodated. All food and preparation follows Kosher guidelines and is cooked in a CRC certified Kosher kitchen.