BreakAway: Wilderness Survival

Leadership. Adventure. Outdoors.

Grab your friends and head to Wisconsin for BreakAway. With five different specialized projects, there's something for every interest.

Participants in Wilderness Survival will learn pioneering skills such as campfire building, outdoor cooking, hiking, shelter building, and more. The group will also participate in team building challenges on the Camp Chi ropes course and explore the new Aerial Adventure Course. Participants can put their skills to practice while completing specially designed challenges and exploring Camp Chi's 600 wooded acres!

You'll also have time to hang out with other BreakAway participants during joint meals, evening and late night programs, trips and more.

Program Highlights

  • Spend the week with other Chicagoland teens at Camp Chi
  • Master skills needed for outdoor survival, including fire building, cooking, shelter construction and map navigation
  • Participate in individual and team challenges on Camp Chi's ropes course and new aerial adventure park
  • Hang out in the evenings with all BreakAway participants at special events, campfires and more
Perlstein Resort at Camp Chi
Monday, March 26- Friday, March 30, 2018
$275 for first time participants; $400 for teens that have already participated in a Springboard School Break Program
Pioneering Skills, Team Building, Aerial Adventures, Ropes Course


Q: My friend is participating in a different BreakAway project. Will I get to see him/her?
A: Yes. The great part about BreakAway is you can spend the day immersed in what interests you, and still get to hang out with your friends and all the teens from the other projects during meals, night activities, trips and down time.

Q: I don't have any outdoor experience. Is this program for me?
Yes, whether you were an all-star Boy Scout or have never camped in the great outdoors, everyone will have a fun time learning new skills and experiencing outdoor adventure together. You will definitely return home with the skills to pitch a tent in your backyard and light up a campfire!

Q: What if the weather doesn't cooperate?
A:  Weather is part of the fun. Most activities can be adapted for indoors. Remember to bring appropriate rain gear- this is part of the adventure. 

Q: Can you accommodate my dietary restrictions?
A: Special diets and food allergies can be accommodated. All food and preparation follows Kosher guidelines and is cooked in a CRC certified Kosher kitchen.