Ski and Snowboard Adventure

The most fun you can have over winter break!

Hit the slopes this winter break! This five day, four night ski trip will give participants the opportunity to ski or snowboard at two different ski hills located near Lake Delton, Wisconsin. Lessons and all equipment will be provided to those that need it. There will be field trips at night and an opportunity to go snow tubing. Participants will stay in winterized rooms at Camp Chi.

Program Highlights

  • Skiing and Snowboarding
  • Snow Tubing
  • Meeting a new group of Jewish teens
  • Field Trips
Perlstein Resort at Camp Chi
8th-10th grades
December 26-30, 2019
$300 for first time participants; $400 for second time participants; and $500 for third or more time participants
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Q: How much does this program cost?

A: All Springboard School Break programs are highly subsidized. While the actual cost of a 5 day school break experience is $900, all participants received a $400 subsidy. There are additional subsidies for first and second time school break participants, and additional financial assistance is available for those who need it. 

Q: I'm confused, how much will I actually pay for this program?

A: If you are a first time Springboard School Break participant, you will pay $300. If this is your second Springboard School Break program, you will pay $400 subsidy. If this will be your third (or more) Springboard School Break program, you will pay $500. If these prices are not affordable for you, please contact Springboard to find out about additional financial assistance. 

Q: Where will participants be sleeping?

A: Participants will be sleeping in winterized rooms at Camp Chi. 

Q: Will I need to bring any spending money to the program?

A: No, the price of the trip is all-inclusive. There will be no extra money needed during any portion of the trip.

Q: What would happen if there is any inclement weather during the program?

A: Each part of the program has back-up plans in case of any inclement weather.