Songleader Boot Camp

Jewish Teens - Inspire, Connect, Super Charge!

The Songleader Boot Camp (SLBC) Teen Chavurah provides an immersive, inclusive opportunity for Jewish teens to positively and independently challenge themselves to grow in leadership, impacting their own sense of self, Jewish identity and their communities.  The teen track exists within the context of the larger SLBC conference, a nurturing, multi-denominational, musical, supportive risk-taking, experiential environment.  Teens will spend time both with the teen cohort, developing important interpersonal relationships amongst their Jewish peers from across the country, sharing learnings, ideas and visions AND will have significant access, exposure and mentorship moments with top Jewish educators, clergy and musicians on faculty who are selectively invited to SLBC to teach and lead sessions at the conference. Through strategic planning, the teens will be encouraged to vision and design ways they would like to use their growing leadership skills.  As teens return each year, their leadership opportunities grow within the conference, utilizing skills they have learned through SLBC.

Program Highlights

  • Teens will participate in over 50 hours of immersive Jewish educational and leadership training with music interwoven throughout the experience.
  • Springboard teens will engage in intensive, supercharged learning from renowned Jewish music artists, rabbis and respected educators from all over North America.
  • Springboard teens will learn 'Super Star' presentation and songleading techniques. Important: There is NO need to be a musician. Teens will learn to prepare effectively to rock out any public presentation or performance regardless of any musical inclination.
  • Springboard teens will create a personal strategic roadmap to guide their long-term growth after SLBC.
  • Springboard teens will receive a Certificate of Achievement for their participation in the SLBC program that can be included in college applications and resumes.
St. Louis Jewish Community Center
Friday, February 14 - Tuesday, February 18, 2020
$300 for first time participants; $400 for second time participants; and $500 for third or more time participants
Leadership, Singing, Music


Q: How much does this program cost? 
A: All Springboard School Break programs are highly subsidized. While the actual cost of a 5 day school break experience is $900, all participants received a $400 subsidy. There are additional subsidies for first and second time school break participants, and additional financial assistance is available for those who need it.

Q: I'm confused, how much will I actually pay for this program?  
A: If you are a first time Springboard School Break participant, you will pay $300. If this is your second Springboard School Break program, you will pay $400. If this will be your third (or more) Springboard School Break program  you will pay $500. If these prices are not affordable for you, please contact us to find out about additional financial assistance.

Q: Does my teen need to play an instrument or sing?

A: No. Participants do not need to play an instrument, sing, or even be musical whatsoever. More than half of SLBC participants do not play an instrument or sing. While SLBC shares music throughout the conference, SLBC focuses on a holistic approach to powerful and effective leadership in the Jewish world.

Q: How will the teens be supervised?

A: SLBC will provide staff dedicated to overseeing the teen track throughout the SLBC Conference. In addition to SLBC group leaders, SLBC will also be in contact with the teens via phone, email and social media. All teens will receive texts for wake up and important announcements.

Q: Where does everyone sleep?

A: Everyone stays at the Sheraton Chalet Hotel, 8 minutes from the JCC.

Q: How do you get to and from the hotel and JCC?

A: We provide transportation with buses to and from the hotel and JCC.

Q: What kinds of dietary accommodations can you make?

A: All food is kosher and SLBC will provide special meals for vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free etc. Please make sure to indicate in your registration application.

Q: Can I see the schedule?

A: SLBC will post the conference schedule that will be available several weeks before the conference so you can plan accordingly.