Tikkun Olam with Tivnu

Beth Emet Synagogue, JUF TOV Teens and Tivnu, are thrilled to facilitate a five-day social justice trip to Portland, Oregon to show how addressing basic human needs, like affordable housing, food security, and environmental justice, can be central to an engaged and forward-thinking Jewish life. Our program schedule will consist of hands-on work with marginalized people and communities, including building tiny houses with communities experiencing houselessness, addressing food insecurity with urban agriculture, bringing supplies and resources to people living on the streets, and group bonding and relationship building.

Program Highlights

  • Five to six hours of building tiny houses for houseless people on the Friday, Sunday, and Monday of the trip.
  • Meeting with local organizations and community members to learn about the root causes and effects of homelessness. Potential speakers include representatives from Outside the Frame, Dignity Village, and the Portland Tenants Union.
  • Group bonding and fun activities including hiking in the Columbia River Gorge.
  • Group reflection, conversation and text study to connect the issue of homelessness to our Jewish values
Portland, Oregon
November 7th - 11th, 2019
$300 for first time participants; $400 for second time participants; and $500 for third or more time participants
Travel, Social Justice, Volunteering


Q: How much does this program cost?

A: All Springboard School Break programs are highly subsidized. While the actual cost of a 5 day school break experience is $900, all participants received a subsidy. There are additional subsidies for first and second time school break participants, and additional financial assistance is available for those who need it. 

Q: I'm confused, how much will I actually pay for this program?

A: If you are a first time Springboard School Break participant, you will pay $300. If this is your second Springboard School Break program, you will pay $400. If this will be your third (or more) Springboard School Break program, you will pay $500. If these prices are not affordable for you, please contact Springboard to find out about additional financial assistance. 

Q: Who can apply for this program?

A: Any teen from 9th to 12th grade in the Chicago area interested in attending is encouraged to apply!

Q: Do I have to miss school for this program?

A: Participants will have to miss Friday, November 8th and possibly Thursday, November 7th of school in order to participate on this program. We are happy to provide a letter for students to share with the school to excuse these absences. 

Q: What is this programs policy on Kashrut and Shabbat? 

A: Vegetarian meals will always be available, and we will not serve pork or shell fish products. We will not mix meat and milk products in single dishes, so that those who wish to eat these foods separately can do so. In addition, we will accommodate for any food related allergies. On the trip, we plan to observe Shabbat with rituals, tfilah, festive meals and community building. During the day on Shabbat we will not be building the tiny houses, but learning about Portland, visiting sites, and hiking together.