New! Hebrew Support for the Public Schools

The JUF of metropolitan Chicago is committed to sustaining and expanding Hebrew language instruction in area public schools. They created a new position to support the Public Schools Hebrew teachers, ארגון מורי העברית  - בבתי-הספר הציבוריים בשיקגו

Hebrew Teachers Association of Public Schools in Chicago, will be supported through professional development, in their daily work, special programming and joint initiatives  with other schools. There will also be assistance with recruiting new Hebrew teachers and growing Hebrew language program enrollment. This initiative will engage in thriving to set up new Hebrew language programs in school districts currently without Hebrew language offerings. 

Yaffa Berman, is JUF’s first-ever Director of Hebrew Innovation. Yaffa worked for many years supporting public school Hebrew teachers before joining Deerfield High School.

This is a very exciting opportunity to collaborate and advance Hebrew within our community and beyond.

If you have any inquiries/ questions, please contact:

Yaffa Berman, Director of Hebrew Initiative

ארגון  מורי העברית  - בבתי-הספר הציבוריים בשיקגו

Hebrew Teachers Association of Public Schools in Chicago

 מטרת האירגון היא לתמוך במורי העברית בבתי-הספר הציבוריים בשיקגו. לתכנן  ולקיים ימי עיון לפיתוח אישי ומקצועי של המורים. זאת  כדי לשפר את חווית הלמידה והישגי  התלמידים, לחתור לטיפוח אהבת ישראל ותרבותה בתוכניות מיוחדות וטיולים. כמו כן, המטרה היא להרחיב ולהעשיר את הנלמד, ולבנות תוכנית עברית לתפארת בכל קהילה. 

The goal of this association is to support the Hebrew teachers in Public Schools in the Chicago area such as plan and execute professional development days for personal and professional growth of the teachers. This is to improve the learning experience and achievement of the students, and to strive to foster love for Israel and its culture through special programs and trips.  Furthermore, the goal is to enrich and expand the curriculum, and build magnificent Hebrew programs in each community.


Deerfield High School (DHS)

Yael Zetouni -

Charone Ousley -


Glenbrook North High School (GBN)

Dorit Dahari -


Highland Park  High School (HP)

Osnat Lichtenfeld -


New Trier High School (NT)

Kimberly Hafron -


Niles North High School (NN)

Anna Raiber -


Stevenson High School

Shiri Goldenstein -


Caruso & Shepard Middle Schools

Sigal Zamir -