RTI About

RTI (Research Training Internship)is a selective 10-month paid internship in which high school-aged female and non-binary teens can address critical social questions through feminist academic research. RTI interns learn how to use their research findings to educate others and pursue social justice in a cohort of diverse young Jewish teens. RTI is a partnership with DePaul University’s Beck Research Initiative for Women, Gender, and Community and has been supported by Jewish Women’s Foundation and Hadassah Foundation.

Over the course of the academic year, our interns:

  • Meet twice a month to share, examine and discuss their own unique experiences to build a community committed to social justice
  • Receive political education to think about privilege, power, and oppression in their lives and communities
  • Learn the methodology and tools used by researchers to design and implement an original study on an issue the group determines as relevant to the Chicago-area Jewish community
  • Use their research to educate others and further social justice causes
  • Enhance their resumes and college application materials by engaging in college-level discussion and research

We would like to thank the Jewish United Fund and DePaul University for hosting RTI, and to our for generously supporting the creation and implementation of the Research Training Internship.

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