Who can apply?

Applicants must be entering 9th-12th grade in the fall of the program year and must be a student in good standing in the Chicago metropolitan area. Candidates will be selected based on a written application and an brief in-person or telephone interview. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis during between March and August of each year. Please check the application page for specific details on this year's application timeline.

How do I apply?

Click here!

How often and where does RTI meet?

Interns meet twice a month between September and May. While specific meeting dates are TBD, meetings will take place approximately every other Sunday at the DePaul University Lincoln Park Campus. The internship officially culminates with a presentation of research findings in June.

I have dietary restrictions. Will there be anything for me to eat at these meetings?

Of course! Snacks are an important part of the work, and we make sure all dietary needs (like kosher food and allergies) are accommodated.

Is this internship paid?

Yes! Paying interns for their work is central to our feminist philosophy. Interns will receive a stipend of $200 upon successful completion of the project.

How much work will be required of me during RTI? This isn't going to be like school, is it?

Although RTI meeting are really fun, they definitely require focus and commitment. The biggest goal of the program is for interns to have fun! BUT, before you apply, you must be ready to make RTI a priority and you must be ready to read, write, listen, think, debate, wrestle and apply yourself throughout this 10-month long program. Homework (don't worry, it's never any more than an hour or so of work!) is assigned as meaningful, and completion of all assignments is mandatory. Success of the program depends upon your full participation because your fellow interns will depend on you throughout the year to show up and follow through.

I still have more questions! What do I do?

Call Beckee Birger at 312-444-2820 or write her an email at rebeccabirger@juf.org.