Completed Research: Cohort 1

RTI Cohort 1 completed their research on the roles of power and privilege on the lives of Jewish teen girls in Chicago in the Winter of 2015. After surveying close to 200 of their peers about their lived experiences, Cohort 1 identified four major areas of interest to the wider Jewish community that should be considered in community agenda-setting, resource allocation, and conversations in homes, synagogues, youth groups, schools and Jewish agencies:

  • Mental Health
  • Christian Normativity & Anti-Semitism
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Gender & Sexuality

Read their report in-full and make sure to check out their videos below as-well.

The 2015 RTI Report

RTI Research Video: Dear Peers and Partners

RTI Research Video: Dear Teachers and Schools

RTI Research Video: Dear Parents

RTI Research Video: RTI Jewish Community Forum that was held in December of 2015 at DePaul University