Voices Alumni

Planning on making a charitable donation sometime soon but not sure who to give to? Want to be strategic about your philanthropy but you don't have a lot of time? Interested in supporting innovative and strong programs that benefit the Chicago Secular and Jewish community? Consider supporting the work of the Voices: Chicago Jewish Teen Foundation Alumni Program! This group of ambitious teens, who have already been through one year of intensive philanthropy training provided by the Jewish United Fund, have established their own philanthropic foundation from which they hope to allocate over $20,000+ to assist our communities. They are also serving as peer mentors and educators for the next generation of young philanthropists.

By making a fully tax-deductible gift to the Voices Alumni program, your dollars will not only support the needs of the Chicago community, but will also help Chicago Jewish teens gain hands-on-experience as strategic philanthropists. Let us do all the research, due diligence, grant proposal reading, and site visits for you! For questions, please contact Keren Eckstein at kereneckstein@juf.org or by calling 312-357-4729