Voices: The Chicago Jewish Teen Foundation is a selective, year-long program for Jewish high school students from across the metro Chicago area. Voices board members spend the year learning about philanthropy and grant-making through a Jewish lens. Member of the Voices Jewish Teen Foundation Boards, allocate nearly $50,00 to organizations to affect real change to the issues they care about most. 

Before you apply, you must be ready to make Voices a priority, and you must be ready to read, write, listen, think, debate, wrestle and apply yourself throughout the year-long program. Homework (don't worry, it's never any more than an hour or so of work!) is assigned on a monthly basis and completion of all assignments is mandatory. Success of the program depends upon your FULL participation because your fellow board members will depend on you throughout the year. Voices is definitely a lot of fun, but please be sure you can commit fully to once a month meetings, a bit of homework, and joining a community of like-minded fellow board members before you apply.

Voices Boards meet one Sunday afternoon a month. The 101 Board meets from 2:30-4:30pm and the Alumni Board meets from 5:00-7:00pm. Locations change monthly, a schedule will be provided to participants upon program acceptance. 

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