Teenage Rebellion

Toby Klein

by Toby Klein for JUF News

"So who exactly is going to take you seriously," a neighbor laughs. "Don't underestimate us," I warned. "You'll soon see we're more than Jewish summer camp rejects..." Read More »

Making Mitzvot part of your Bar or Bat Mitzvah

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Personality Quizzes

These quizzes look like they are about being Jewish, but they are really about being... "You-ish"! But being Jewish has a lot to say about finding out who we are, seeing how we relate to our families and friends, and discovering our place in the world. So there are no right or wrong answers here, just finding out what's right— for you!

  • What's Your VID? Volunteering can take many shapes and forms--and there is no right or wrong answer! Just like the set of a movie or TV show, there are many roles that must be filled to make the show a success. Discover your VID (volunteer identity) by completing the quiz below!
  • What Kind of Friend Are You? Do you have a pet? The prophets of the Torah did! Like yours, the animals in the Torah helped the prophets do their job, which was to teach the Jewish people how to act with each other. What kind of a friend are you? Find out now!
  • How Do You Manage in Tough Times?. In Spring, we celebrate Lag Ba'Omer. What's that? It's a fun holiday that celebrates the rebellion of the Jews against Rome's persecution. Times were tough back then, and the Jews had to find ways to make it through. Which of the holiday's heroes can tell you how you handle tough times? Find out now!
  • How Do You Handle Problems? Swimming pools, sprinklers, the beach— if we are running to the water, it must be Summer! But did you know that many Torah heroes also had their run-ins with water? Learning how they dealt with water that was too much, too little, or just in the way, can help you understand how you deal when you're being... swamped! Let's dive in!
  • How Do You Deal with Mistakes? Three major Jewish fall holidays, um, in the Fall! This is the time of year to think about the past year, count up your mistakes (heck, even we made one or two… hundred!) and make sure you try to do better in the coming year. But which Jewish holiday's message tells most about how you handle it when you fall down on the job? Find out now!
  • What Are You Thankful For? Got... napkins? It's Thanksgiving time again! MMMmashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, turkey and gravy (of course!), all topped off with pumpkin pie. No more stuffing, thanks— we're stuffed already! But more than a meal, Thanksgiving is a time, to… oh, that's right, give thanks! We know you have an attitude of gratitude, but for what things do you say "todah rabbah" (that's "thanks a lot!" in Hebrew)? And which Jewish prayer about thankfulness do you relate to? Find out now!
  • What Makes You Happy? In the Fall comes one of our favorite holidays, Simchat Torah! It takes all year to read the whole Torah, and Simchat Torah is when we finish reading it… and start over at the beginning! The holiday's name means "Happiness of the Torah," and we are both happy to have finished and to start anew. But what makes you happy, and which Jewish saying about happiness should be your personal motto? Find out now!
  • How Do You Bring Light to the World? Let's see... candles, presents, donuts— it must be your birthday! Wait, why are you having latkes at your birthday party? Oh, duh, it's CHANUKAH! That's even better, because then we get presents, too! But Chanukah is about more than gifts, we know. It's about bringing light to the world in a dark and cold time. Say, how do you bring light to the world? And what famous Jewish light-bringer are you most like? Find out now!