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JUF Write On for Israel: Lead. Connect. Inspire.

Write On for Israel is an intensive yearlong fellowship that empowers a cohort of young influencers to make a tangible impact on their future college campuses and beyond. The Write On fellowship, from the Fall of junior year through the Fall of senior year, includes immersive travel to Washington, DC, and Israel, where Fellows turn their passion into effective leadership.


Training in public speaking and strategic messaging prepares you for direct engagement with changemakers in Israel and Washington DC and propels you to leadership on campus.


Join a cohort of peers from diverse areas of our community and become a part of over 15 years of Write On Fellows working to make a difference.


Make your voice heard on campus and beyond.

Your Passion + Excellent Training = Infinite Opportunities

Write On for Israel Write On for Israel

"Write On for Israel equipped me with the skill-set and strategy to become a campus leader and strong Israel advocate."

— WOFI Alum