Why Give?

Why give?When people are in need, we don't sit on the sidelines. We act. We provide the necessary financial support to make things happen.

Because we work together as a community, we bring dignity, hope and joy to people's lives every day. Because we work together as a community, we accomplish what no one individual could do on their own.

JUF lets us harness the collective power of our generosity. Every year, compassionate community members make contributions to JUF. These dollars—your dollars—are put to work by dedicated volunteers and professionals to meet a wide array of urgent needs while helping to keep the Jewish community strong.

Even during these difficult economic times, when our highest priority is helping people in financial crisis feed their families, pay their rents and get back on their feet, JUF continues to ensure that the programs and institutions that enrich Jewish life here at home, in Israel and overseas, remain vibrant and strong.