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Voting and Elections Information

Illinois Gubernatorial Primary: March 20, 2018

U.S. General Election - November 6, 2018

As in every election cycle, early voting and absentee voting will be offered for these elections. 

Q: Who will be eligible to vote in the November 6 general election? 

A: U.S. citizens who are registered voters.

Click here to check your registration status in the State of Illinois.

Go here to register to vote.   

Please note: Election Day registration may not be offered at this election due to current litigation.

Q: What offices will be on the ballots November 6, 2018?  

A: All ballots will ask voters to select candidates for the following offices: U.S. Senate; U.S. House of Representatives; Governor; State Senate; State House; state judges; local judges; as well as other state and local offices. In addition, voters will cast ballots to decide binding amendments to the Illinois Constitution as well as advisory (non-binding) referenda questions.

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Additional Information:

Early Voting: For the March 20, 2018, Primary Election, Chicago voters will be able to use Early Voting & Registration from Feb. 8 through March 19. Early voting locations will be announced mid-January 2018.  

Absentee Voting: Any registered voter may cast an absentee ballot by mail. Click here to learn more about requesting an absentee ballot, which must be mailed to your local Election Commission. The deadline to apply for an absentee ballot will be announced in mid-January 2018; however, the Board strongly recommends applying weeks ahead of the deadline so that you have time to receive and return your ballot.   

Grace Period Registration: Grace period registration allows voters to register to vote or update their registration in-person and immediately vote during that same visit. In-person registration is available for those who did not register, or did not file an address change, or did not file a name change by the deadline, to be announced in mid-January 2018.

Please note: This page will be updated with additional information on deadlines and locations as details become available.