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If you've ever driven a car in Israel you already know that betting at Las Vegas roulette or entering the lion’s cage doused in barbecue sauce are safer endeavors. 

There is an intense debate going on in Israel, and around the world, about whether we can be, at once, the nation-state of the Jewish people, a democracy, and a country with a commitment to the human rights of all who live in it, Arabs as well as Jews.  


It is 2017, and with it comes the opportunity to commemorate a whole series of anniversaries for events that took place in years ending with 7.


 There's just something about our grandparents.

For four years JUF News readers have followed the latest legal proceedings of Rasmea Odeh, the twice-confessed and twice convicted Chicagoan of Palestinian descent.  

There is much hypocrisy (and irony) in the way that BDS supporters use Israeli technology in order to disseminate their baseless hatred of Israel. 

Poupko Seder Party

Pesach expresses the essential foundation of Jewishness. As time goes on it becomes ever more compelling that Jewish national history begins in each family, and begins at a family meal and not in a national assembly. Sinai has to wait for the Jewish family.


While the youngest at your seder will ask the four traditional questions, here are four other big questions for us to think about while breaking matzah.    

The recent wave of bomb threats targeting JCCs, organizations, and Jewish schools, coupled with a spike of anti-Semitic vandalism and leafleting -- has shaken our well-deserved sense of communal security. 

Israel's once-secret operation to care for victims of Syria's war

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