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 What Winston Churchill said about Russia—it’s a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma – would be an understatement applied to Syria today.

 For the first time in our state, and only the fourth time in the country, two local middle schools will offer Hebrew as a world language option.


In this season of Passover, what do we wish to free ourselves from spiritually ? What--far from Mizrayim, or Egypt--still shackles us?

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It has become fashionable to suggest that the last few years in America have witnessed unprecedented levels of divisiveness among political partisans.

For many reasons, the stalled peace process between Israel and the Palestinians is showing no signs of resurrection, with each side blaming the other.


The Garden of paradise may be gone, but our hopes for happy marriages endure.


Food and love are linked in this drama. To demonstrate their love for their father so that they he may bless them, both Esau and Jacob prepare food that their father loves.


Now, the cultural conversation around sexual harassment and assault in the workplace takes centerstage as almost every day, more women (and some men) call out their aggressors for bad behavior. 


November 19 marked the 40th anniversary of the visit of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat to Jerusalem.


If everything is innovative, then nothing is. And too often phrases du jour are deployed as dismissive criticisms: a program is “not innovative,” that group is “a legacy,” not a startup.

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