Stories from around the Chicago-area Jewish community.

The Jewish Women’s Foundation is learning more about how this sweeping epidemic is affecting the Jewish community, and specifically women and older adults. 

Hoping to push Illinois lawmakers toward a bipartisan budget compromise that protects reimbursement rates for human services, 45 Jewish Federation community and agency leaders traveled to Springfield with the Jewish Federation’s Government Affairs Committee on May 9 and 10.


 Questions of genetic health loom large for Jewish and interfaith families because of higher risks for some genetic disorders and hereditary cancers. When couples plan to have children, carrier screening provides an assessment of their risk of conceiving a child with a genetic disorder. For individuals of Jewish descent who may carry a mutation for one or more hereditary cancers, screening offers a way to understand and possibly reduce risk. 


 The letter sent by Veterans Affairs Canada remains lodged in the memories of Patricia Traill and her son Robert. Patricia’s father, Marwyn Crane, a retired railway worker who had fought for Canada in World War II, opened the envelope at his Toronto-area apartment in 2001. Handwritten in English and sent from Israel, the letter inside—which the VAC had received and forwarded—mentioned Crane’s having assisted a Holocaust survivor at war’s end by giving the young man his army beret. 


Seeking solutions to common problems—even among people who may fundamentally disagree—is key to healing a community besieged by violence. And women can get the job done.

ISD Walk 2017

More than 4,500 members of Chicagoland's Jewish community came out on Sunday, May 7 to celebrate and support Israel at JUF's Israel Solidarity Day, which raised funds for at-risk Israeli youth. 

U of I divest Jack Cadden

Jack Cadden, a freshman at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, wrote the following open letter to the university Board of Trustees. 


DePaul Hillel's engagement associate reflects on a month of Israel programming on campus.

You are invited to learn all about DNA testing at the Jewish Genealogical Society of Illinois (JGSI) meeting on May 21, 

Sanctuary May 17

 JUF’s Aaron Cohen talks with Prof. Elie Rekhess about the incredible impact The Six-Day War have had, and continue to have, on the evolution of the Jewish State and the region. 

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