camp endowment

An anonymous donor has made a $5.1 million contribution to the Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago’s Camping Endowment, believed to be the largest gift ever made to a community camping endowment in the United States.The gift brings the JUF Camping Endowment to nearly $8.5 million, which will support up to 500 first-time camper grants and provide $120,000 in financial need scholarships for Chicago-area campers each year.

RJD gala

A sold-out crowd of 400 people celebrated the 30th anniversary of Freedom Sunday and today’s success of Chicago's Russian-speaking Jewish community on Nov. 30.

Culinary trending

Israeli culinary journalist serves up his thoughts on food trends and classics in Israel


While summer camp has traditionally been a rite of passage for children and teenagers, two Chicago-based organizations offer unique Jewish summer camp options for adults.

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