JUF’s Israel Education Center brings award-winning journalist to Knox College

Reach Across Illinois Campuses for Israel, a program of JUF’s Israel Education Center, continues to bring high-impact speakers to non-Hillel campuses across Illinois. On March 1, award-winning investigative journalist and nationally syndicated columnist Joel Mowbray spoke to almost 100 non-Jewish students and faculty at Knox College on the very timely topic: “Revolution in Egypt: Implications for the Middle East, Israel and the U.S.”

Students from U.S. foreign policy, international relations, and political science classes were given an in-depth analysis of the implications of Egypt’s revolution on Israel and what U.S. strategy in the region should encompass. 

Mowbray highlighted the fact that new social media have broken the barriers of traditional news sources, allowing the growing protests in Egypt to ultimately expand into the “Jasmine Revolution” throughout the region. He emphasized the need for America to craft a foreign policy with Egypt and other neighbors that forges partnerships with those who are not only committed to building up democratic and civic institutions, but also to maintaining a lasting and meaningful peace with Israel.

Mowbray, a graduate of the University of Illinois and Georgetown University Law School, has made more than 300 appearances on news programs, ranging from ABC's "World News Tonight" to Fox News' "Hannity & Colmes", and is a syndicated columnist for publications such as The Wall Street Journal, National Review, Jewish World Review, and the Washington Times.

Mowbray’s presentations were sponsored by RAIC, Knox College Political Science Department, and The Intellectual Diversity Foundation. For more information about all Israel Education Center Programs, contact Center Director Emily Briskman.

Laura Cusack is JUF's Israel Education Center Associate. 

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