Local Jewish leaders condemn attempt to boycott Israeli hummus

DePaul hummus campaign image
DePaul students counter the campaign to boycott Sabra hummus.

Reacting to the current attempt to boycott Sabra hummus – one of whose owners is an Israeli company – at DePaul University, Michael C. Kotzin, Executive Vice President of the Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago, has called the move “one more salvo in the global assault on Israel’s right to exist.”

The initiative, instigated by Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at DePaul, involves a student government referendum taking place this week.

“As trivial as the determination of which kind of hummus to serve to students at a local university may seem, this campaign has serious ramifications,” Kotzin said. “SJP is using misleading language to cloak their real intention in the guise of concern for human rights. In fact, their ultimate goal is the elimination of the State of Israel.” 

“We’ve spoken with hundreds of students, faculty and staff who have all reacted positively to our 'Vote No' campaign," said Eli Taylor, DePaul senior and Israel Education Center Israel Intern. "We have taken a very different approach than SJP, who do not offer additional information regarding their boycott effort, but simply tell people to vote yes on the referendum because 'Israel kills babies.' Our campaign is about offering educational resources so students can make informed decisions. We directly address their claims that the Strauss group supports human rights abuses; shed light on the larger boycott, divestment and sanctions movement; and invite students into dialogue.”

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