together with israel together with israel together with israel

The Israeli people have suffered unfathomable losses and we—as part of the global Jewish community—stand with them today, tomorrow and always.

JUF swiftly advanced $5.5 million to our partners—JAFI and JDC—who are providing emergency assistance to victims in Israel.

Building on that, JUF opened an Israel Emergency Fund to send critical support to the Israeli people—raising over $50 million to date. 

A committee of JUF lay leaders has allocated $36.98 million in emergency relief funds to date: 

  • Trauma relief and emotional support: $7.74 million
  • Employment and economic resilience: $4.3 million
  • Multi-faceted support for the residents of Kibbutz Nir Oz: $1 million
  • Housing, food, and physical needs: $3.97 million
  • Emergency medical and first responders: $5.52 million
  • Support for victims of terror and their families: $3.56 million
  • Special populations (such as Holocaust survivors and minorities): $2.67 million
  • Other emergency needs and local efforts: $5.09 million
  • JFNA Collective Projects: $3.13 million 

    See the full list of organizations supported by JUF’s Israel Emergency Fund.

    Find resources for supporting Israel and our local Jewish community.

    JUF's Israel Emergency Fund will continue to meet immediate needs on the ground in Israel, including: emergency cash for injured Israelis and the families of those who were killed or kidnapped; support for first responders; housing for the tens of thousands who have lost or been evacuated from their homes; trauma therapy for adults, children and first responders; and respite services for children living in the line of fire.

    In the longer term, the fund will support rebuilding communities that have been destroyed and providing long-term emotional support for children, adults, bereaved families, rescued hostages and first responders who have been exposed to atrocities.

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