Congregations : About

Congregations : About

About the Congregations Division

The Congregations & Community Campaign Division is made up of 100 Chicago-area synagogues. The Congregations Division represents a partnership between Chicago-area synagogues and the Jewish United Fund. By working together to engage community members and raise funds, JUF and local synagogues increase their collective power and resources to help Jews in Chicago and around the world.

Are you interested in collaborating with the Congregations Division?

Attend one of our Congregation events or volunteer during our tri-annual phonothon in late January, mid July, and early December. For more information about the Congregations & Community Campaign Division, please email us at or call 312-357-4825.

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Looking for a specific Synagogue or Congregation in the Chicagoland area? Locate one by geographical location or denomination type using this helpful Locate a Congregation page (or click on the image above).