Endowment Fundraising

With an initial fundraising goal of $10 million, the Jewish Community Fund for Adults with Disabilities has been launched with a $1.5 million lead gift from an anonymous donor. This generous donor has pledged an additional $1.5 million in matching gifts.

The Jewish Community Fund for Adults with Disabilities will provide the necessary resources that will enable Jewish adults with disabilities to access the help they need from the local Jewish agencies of their choice.* Using a “money follows the person” model wherein the individual and his/her family receives financial support to then turn to a preferred agency, the fund will create opportunities for adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities to live their best possible lives: residing in their own homes, employed in meaningful work, and engaged as integral members of the Jewish community.

In addition to funding individuals who cannot afford services, the fund will also provide capacity building grants to agency partners to enable the scaling up of necessary infrastructure support.

*At present, agency partners include JCC Chicago, JCFS Chicago (including JVS), Keshet, Libenu, and Yachad.