Chevrah Jewish Programming

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Chevrah Jewish programming aims to create, foster, and grow an inclusive Jewish community. We ensure that Jews-in-need (or those interested in Jewish spirituality) stay connected to their heritage and enrich their Jewish identities through holiday celebrations, activities, and conversations with others who share their values.


Chevrah clients feel connected to their Jewish Identity

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Gather to celebrate Jewish holidays

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Participate in group holiday parties, crafts, a rabbi-led support group, and Torah studies 

  • Are you seeking a way to connect to your Jewish community?
  • Do you enjoy Jewish holiday celebrations, learning, and discussions?

Beautifully planned programs by wonderful staff (who feel like friends).

  • Are you looking for a meaningful and interactive volunteer experience?
  • Do you have knowledge about Jewish traditions, history, or values that you would like to share with others?

I am part Jewish, [it’s] been a long time since I've had a chance to be creative with my heritage.

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