Food and Hygiene Pantry

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Because access to food is a critical need, EZRA operates a client-choice model food pantry that is accessible on a weekly basis to all clients. EZRA is part of the Greater Chicago Food Depository network, which, combined with Amazon wish list donations and food drives, allows us to keep our pantry stocked with healthy foods. Additionally, our hygiene pantry offers personal care and household items on a monthly basis.

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7432 food bags were distributed to EZRA clients

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1200 hygiene bags were distributed to EZRA clients

After you have spent your budget on groceries...

  • Are you still short on food?
  • Are you in need of toiletries like shampoo and toothpaste?

I like EZRA Pantry because it’s convenient. They always have [food I like including] tuna fish and hamburgers. [The food] is very easy to use. I [also] enjoy working with the produce. For example, this week there is spaghetti squash. I’ve never used that before and I’m excited to learn how to use it.

  • Are you looking for a meaningful and interactive volunteer experience?
  • Would you like to help organize our pantry and distribute grocery bags to EZRA clients?

The EZRA pantry has been very beneficial for me. All the food is great! But [the fact that I can get] toiletries [is] the best. No other pantries give me half the things I receive [at EZRA.] [I like that] all the [volunteers] take time with me.

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