JUF Departments

Campaign/Resource Development

The JUF Campaign Department is the place of action. Separated into various divisions, the department and its base of volunteers reach all areas of interest. Whether it's at a movie or softball game, the Young Leadership Division hosts social fundraising opportunities for young Jews between the ages of 25 and 40. The Women's Division offers a wide range of unique educational events and opportunities to participate in the community.

The Congregations & Community Division serves as a liaison between JUF and 110 congregations in the Chicago area and the rabbinic community, while the Trades, Industries & Professions Division organizes annual fundraising events for professionals from more than 20 industries. The Missions & Speakers Bureau coordinates schedules for the dynamic guest speakers at JUF's fundraising events, and helps contributors experience the world of JUF through annual missions - including those to Israel, Eastern Europe, South America and North Africa.

Marketing and Communications

The goals of the Marketing and Communications Department are to build the JUF brand in the messaging, look and feel of all institutional materials in support of JUF’s key marketing and fundraising strategies.

We produce and disseminate print, digital, and video content that engages, informs, inspires, and involves JUF donors and related constituencies in actions and ideas that motivate their choosing JUF as a vehicle for their tzedakah (charitable giving) and communal participation.

The department also anticipates and responds rapidly to public relations challenges facing the Jewish community, devising strategies to promote awareness and increase knowledge about key issues within the Jewish community and beyond.

JUF creates content for print and web-based communications vehicles, including JUF News, a monthly newsmagazine that reaches 40,000 households throughout Chicago; the JUF News Express email newsletter; the annual Guide to Jewish Living in Chicago, a directory of community organizations and service providers; www.juf.org, www.jufnews.org , and www.oychicago.com , which serve a variety of audiences; and content on Facebook, Twitter and other key social media channels.

For those fascinated by politics and policy-making, Government Affairs is a way to be involved. Staff in our offices in Chicago, Springfield, and Washington DC advocate on behalf of public policies which strengthen people in need here at home, in Israel, and around the world.  They are joined in this work by Jewish Federation community and agency leaders who promote the robust public policy agenda in meetings with state legislators, the Illinois Congressional delegation, and city aldermen as well as officials at all levels of government. 2014 legislative successes include restoration of the State’s adult dental benefit for low income adults, increasing grants for elderly refugees, and taking action against human trafficking.

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