Our decade of experience in education, advocacy and fighting delegitimization efforts has enabled us to create tools that are accessible to students and professionals across the nation. We work together with partner organizations and student groups to educate the next generation about Israeli history, culture, politics and current affairs.


The Playbook is a detailed step-by-step guide to provide students with a resource they can turn to when different forms of anti-Israel activity occur on campus. The Playbook is a comprehensive tool that empowers students to take back the conversation about Israel with tenacity, perseverance, and professionalism. 

In partnership with the Israel Action Network and the Israel on Campus Coalition, the Playbook has been emailed across the country to student activists thirsty for information. We serve as a true model and trusted resource for other communities. See the Playbook

The Lexicon

The Lexicon is designed to clarify the vocabulary around Israel on campus. Like all subjects, Israel is complex and understanding the language in the context of campus is a key step toward meaningful, authentic conversation. The Lexicon is constantly being updated and amended. See the Lexicon here.

JUF Link

JUF Link is a biweekly newsletter highlighting JUF and IEC’s impact on campus and beyond. The newsletter features news and analysis concerning BDS, delegitimization, anti-Semitism, and similar activities. Subscribe to JUF Link here

Our Partners:

"The resources from the IEC are invaluable. If they hadn’t reached out to me and to my campus, no one would know about Israel."

— Israel Intern

Real Stories. Changed Lives.

Highlights of personal stories and lives impacted by the opportunities offered through JUF's Israel Education Center. Read the Blog.

Ask an Israel Educator.

Got questions? Get answers here. Find out more about the IEC and ways to connect with Israel. Email IEC.

Funding Request Form

If you would like to initiate a campus program about Israel, apply for funding here.