The Gift of Israel

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The Gift of Israel enables relatives and friends to help young people save for an Israel Experience program during high school or college.

How Gift of Israel Works

JUF establishes a special interest-bearing savings account in the participant's name and will provide a one-time $180 matching gift when a minimum of $1,000 is deposited into the account.

For more information please download an enrollment packet (PDF). Questions? Contact the Israel Experience Department at

Gift of Israel Occasions

B'nai mitzvah celebrations are a wonderful time for friends and relatives to give a Gift of Israel. Click here to make a contribution! One way to notify guests that the celebrant is saving for an Israel experience is to use special insert cards provided by JUF.

Over the years, additional gifts can be added to mark birthdays, holidays, graduations, and other special occasions. Participants also are encouraged to contribute to their Gift of Israel account through job earnings, portions of their allowance, and monetary gifts they may receive.

Using Gift of Israel Funds

Gift of Israel funds can be used for a wide variety of approved Israel experience programs from the summer following 9th grade* through age 26. Contributions can continue until funds are used or refunded.

Gift of Israel is a perfect complement to the SKIP program. Like the family portion of SKIP, all funds deposited to the Gift of Israel account, plus interest, can be refunded without penalty at any time upon completion of the withdrawal form (fillable PDF).

*Families may use their Israel experience funds (SKIP, Gift of Israel, B'nai Mitzvah Certificates, and Walk With Israel Vouchers) for 8th grade Israel programs, such as IsraelNow or day school trips. Please contact our office at to make sure that your trip is eligible and then use the 8th grade Israel Experience Savings Request Form (for day school trips) to redeem your funds. 


Scholarship Applications Available

Israel Experience scholarship applications are now being accepted. High school students, college students, and young adults are welcome to apply.

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