Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC)

Why we do it

“Three things are of equal importance—earth, humans and rain…Without earth, there is no rain, and without rain, the earth cannot endure, and without either, humans cannot exist.”

Genesis Rabbah 13:3

Reason 3. Energy independence is crucial to national security:

  1. 2008 presidential candidates sound environmental alarm bells and promote their respective solutions with regards to U.S. national security and its dependence on foreign oil.
  2. The Council on Foreign Relations concludes that U.S. energy policy has not changed to meet the transforming state of energy politics.
  3. The U.S.-Israel Energy Cooperation Act aims to reduce American and world dependence on foreign oil, and the amount of oil profits that end up in hands of countries hostile to Israel and the United States.
  4. Power-generating wind facilities have increased in number across Illinois, bringing it to 12th place among the nation’s states in wind-powered energy production. 
  5. Military leaders explain among other things climate change's likely negative effects on the state of global geopolitics, the environmental status in developing and underdeveloped countries, and the War on Terror.
  6. A prestigious board of retired military officers describe the dire threat posed to national security by climate change. 
  7. Hurt by high oil prices, American farmers look for help. 
  8. As resources dwindle across the globe, the developed world will feel pressure on its national security interests from deteriorating circumstances in more heavily-affected regions.
  9. New York Times Columnist Thomas Friedman asserts his stance on the current state of petro-politics and its effects on the rest of the global community.
  10. Part III of Thomas Friedman’s presentation to the Aspen Ideas Festival with regards to national security and energy independence