Meet Our Trustees

Over 350 women are Trustees of the Jewish Women's Foundation, including over 40 multigenerational families. Get to know a few of the forward-thinking women who sit at our philanthropic table!

Our Leadership

2017-2018 Steering Committee

JWF's Steering Committee members set the strategic agenda for the Foundation and evaluate the effectiveness of our grantmaking process.
2017-2018 JWF Steering Committee

Nancy Kohn JWF Chair

Nancy Kohn


Gerri Kahnweiler JWF Immediate Past Chair

Gerri Kahnweiler

Immediate Past Chair

Annette Lidawer JWF Grants Chair

Annette Lidawer

Grants Chair

Ilene Novack JWF Leadership & Resource Development Chair

Ilene Novack

Leadership & Resource Development Chair

JWF Evaluation Chair Debra Marcus

Debbie Marcus

Evaluation Chair

Gwen Heyman JWF JUF Investment Advisory Council Representative

Gwen Heyman

JUF Investment Advisory Council Representative

Susan Rifas JWF Advocacy Chair

Susan Rifas

Advocacy & Outreach Chair

Adrienne Kriezelman JWF Program Chair

Adrienne Kriezelman

Program Chair

Stephanie Victor JWF Economic Chair

Stephanie Victor

Economic Security & Legal Reform for Women & Girls Chair

Sheri Hokin Education Chair

Sheri Hokin

Education & Leadership Development for Women & Girls Chair

Stephanie Smerling JWF Health Chair

Stephanie Smerling

Health & Well Being for Women & Girls Chair

Linda Simon JWF Multigenerational Representative

Linda Simon

Multigenerational Representative

Dana Hirt JWF Chair Appointee

Dana Hirt

Chair Appointee

Jennifer Flink JWF At-Large member

Jennifer Flink

At-Large Member

Debby Karton JWF At-Large member

Debby Karton

At-Large Member

Lori Komisar JWF At-Large Member

Lori Komisar

At-Large Member

Jennifer Lucas JWF At-Large member

Jennifer Lucas

At-Large Member

Debbie Oberman JWF At-Large member

Debbie Oberman

At-Large Member

Linda Schiffman At-Large member

Linda Schiffman

At-Large Member

Trustee Highlights

To demonstrate the value of each unique voice and perspective within our diverse organization, it is our pleasure to share articles highlighting some of our Trustees.

Marianne and Stuart Taussig

Marianne Taussig

A Lifetime of Service: Meet JWF Trustee Marianne Taussig

Read about Marianne

Marilyn Cohen

Marilyn Cohen

For Founding JWF Multigenerational Trustee Marilyn Cohen, It's About Giving Back

Read about Marilyn