Sababa Surf: Stress Free Getaway

Surf, Service, Spirituality

Sababa, is popular israeli slang meaning "no worries" or "awesome." Sababa's goal is true to its name. We provide teens with a Jewish immersive experience that builds a connection to self, to others, to nature, and to God. Our program will provide a necessary respite for teens from their pressured daily lives and provide them with a healthy, Jewish response to the stress, competition, and anxiety that is associated with today's society.  Unhealthy anxiety is reaching epidemic levels in adolescents in general and adolescents in our Jewish communities. Spiritual education and growth is a proven positive response to these ailments of society. For us spirituality is a deeper connection to nature, each other, true sense of self and God or a higher power. We achieve these connections through surfing, study, and meditation.

Program Highlights

  •  Professional Surf Lessons
  •  Guided Jewish Meditation on the Beach
  •  Tools to help manage stress and anxiety
  •  Fun in the sun with the awesome staff at Sababa Surf Camp
  •  Environmental Community Service
Cocoa Beach, FL
March 22nd - 26th
$300 for first time participants; $400 for second time participants; and $500 for third or more time participants
Surf, Service, Spirituality


Q: How much does this program cost?
A: All Springboard School Break programs are highly subsidized. While the actual cost of a 5 day school break experience is $900, all participants received a $400 subsidy. There are additional subsidies for first and second time school break participants, and additional financial assistance is available for those who need it.

Q: I'm confused, how much will I actually pay for this program?  
A: If you are a first time Springboard School Break participant, you will pay $300. If this is your second Springboard School Break program, you will pay $400. If this will be your third (or more) Springboard School Break program  you will pay $500. If these prices are not affordable for you, please contact us to find out about additional financial assistance.

Q: Does my child need to know how to surf?

A: No! Sababa will provide surf instruction for ultra beginners and experienced surfers alike. All levels welcome.

Q: What is the level of water safety?

A: We are working with a local, professional surf company that provides lifeguards and instruction to ensure proper supervision in the water.

Q: What if my child does not want to surf?

A: No problem! They will have a fantastic time with art activities and community building games during surf time!