Background on support for pluralistic funding

In 2023 JUF provided $345,000 for pluralistic programs in Israel and $170,000 for pluralistic and Jewish education programs in Ukraine. This support is directed toward Progressive (Reform), Masorti (Conservative), Modern Orthodox streams and religious programs that are non-affiliated.

Overview of Program Grants

The following 23 streams programs in Israel received support from JUF in 2023.

In Israel

Progressive (Reform) Movement – Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism - $101,500

  • Leadership Training and Development for Lay Leadership, Rabbinic and Professional
  • Expanding IMPJ Reach and Public Visibility
  • Jewish Renewal Programs for Olim from the Former Soviet Union

Masorti (Conservative) Movement and Schechter Institute for Jewish Studies - $89,000 

Masorti Movement Programs:

  • Home Court: Masorti Judaism Meeting You Where You Are At
  • Masorti Lay Leadership Training Project
  • Jewish Pluralism Watch Online Program Activities

Schechter Institute for Jewish Studies Programs:

  • Mishlei Fellows
  • Online Course about Jerusalem
  • Baderech - TALI Educational Leadership Domestic Study Mission

Modern Orthodox and Nondenominational - $154,500

  • Yaacov Herzog Center - Erech Musaf
  • Yaacov Herzog Center - Main Intersection
  • Ohr Torah Stone – Prenuptial Initiative
  • Chuppot Hashgacha Pratit - Educational Initiative
  • Chuppot Hashgacha Pratit- Chuppot Alumni Community and Ambassador Building
  • Kolech - Laying the Groundwork for a State-funded Woman Rabbi
  • Kolech - the Orthodox Feminist Jewish Calendar
  • BINA - Jewish Streams Seminar for Teens
  • Ne'emanei Torah Avodah - Public Discourse for Religious Zionists
  • ITIM - Israel Advocacy Center Assistance, Public Policy and Legal Centers
  • Women of the Wall - Claiming What's Ours
  • Hiddush - Utah Marriage Option
  • Be Free Israel - Parliamentary Advisor Training Courses
  • Be Free Israel - Local Religious Freedom Index

In 2023, JUF allocated $170,000 for pluralistic and Jewish education programs in, or for the people of, Kyiv, Ukraine. 

World Union for Progressive Judaism (Reform)

  • Progressive Jewish Youth Programming

Schechter Institutes Midreshet Yerushalayim (Conservative)

  • Masorti (Conservative) Jewish Identity Programming
  • Masorti Camp Ramah Yachad Jewish Summer Camps

Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI)

  • Jewish Puzzle Project

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)

  • Active Jewish Teens Youth Movement
  • Kyiv Volunteer Center

World ORT

  • Jewish Identity Programming for Families

Hillel Kyiv

  • Jewish Holiday Seminar
  • Hillel Shabbatons

PJ Library

  • PJ Library in Ukraine

Moishe House

  • Russian-speaking Jewish educator to work in FSU and Russian-speaking Moishe Houses around the world
  • Jewish Learning Retreat


  • Volunteerism and Philanthropy Among Young Adults. Originally a JDC program and now an independent JDC grantee.