Domestic Travel

United Synagogue Youth: USY on Wheels

USY on Wheels are 6 and a half week trips with specific tracks that allow kids to explore North America with other Jewish teens. Youth travel in coach buses, and spend most night's stay in accredited hotels and home hospitality.

NFTY - Mitzvah Corps

NFTY's Mitzvah Corps connects Jewish teens with immersive social action opportunities across North America. Alongisde a group of committed peers and our dedicated staff, volunteer with grassroots organizations that provide participants with unique hands-on experiences and a deeper understanding of the major issues facing their communities. Spend your summer building lifelong relationships while obtaining the skills to play an active role in making our world a better place. If you want to make a difference, Mitzvah Corps wants you!

JCUA - Or Tzedek

JCUA's summer program for teens interested in hands-on social justice work! Or Tzedek offers a unique summer experience for Jewish high school students looking to address urban issues such as poverty, racism, inadequate housing, health care and environmental justice through hands-on service and high-level learning.

Etgar 36 Summer Journey

A 36 day summer cross country journey for all Jewish teens, including graduating high school seniors. Discover your political voice and power to create change by seeing the sights, meeting the people, understanding and debating the issues that make up America. ETGAR 36 is dedicated to developing the future Jewish political voice by taking Jewish teens on journeys throughout America, developing their identities, and empowering them to get involved politically and socially to change the world.

American Jewish Society for Service (AJSS)

Make a difference this summer! Build low-income houses, live with other Jewish teenagers and explore a new corner of the U.S. The American Jewish Society for Service is an innovative summer program of community service by Jewish teens. We are proud to carry on the vision of our founders, offering an outstanding experience of tikkun olam (repairing the world) in our six-week summer camp work projects.

BBYO Panim Institute's Summer of IMPACT

How can I change the world around me? Influence the future, find my role in my community and country, and be a leader today? The BBYO Panim Institute's Summer of IMPACT helps you answer these questions, and many more, while you live, learn and explore exciting cities and college campuses. Be a champion of progress and service this summer!


GIVE USA is an all girls four and a half week program located in the United States. The program will focus on volunteer and service learning opportunities for both Jewish and secular organizations in Upstate New York - the programs headquarters - New Orleans, Memphis, Nashville, Atlanta and more! Participants will also have the chance to learn the Torah's view on social action and to reflect and internalize their own experiences.