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The Jewish Federation of Chicago’s Research Training Internship (RTI), a selective 10-month paid internship where high-school-aged girls like you will advise The Jewish Federation’s work from your unique perspectives. The Jewish Federation of Chicago is interested in learning about the messages Jewish teen girls receive—from popular culture, from parents and other adults, from the Jewish community, from schools, even from peers—about who they are supposed to be and to become. RTI is hosted by the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago in partnership with Ma'yan and the Beck Research Initiative for Women, Gender, and Community,

As a Research Training Intern, you will have the opportunity to join our research team and work with us to address critical questions, such as: who is the perfect girl and what does a girl have to do to be like her? What are the secrets to her success? What happens when girls try to live up to these expectations? These questions are places for us to dive into this important topic. Where we go from there is up to the interns!

RTI Overview

Over the course of the internship, participants will:

  • share, examine, and discuss their own experiences (as teens, as young women, as Jews, as Americans, etc.);
  • be trained by DePaul University researchers to design a study of the messages teen girls have to navigate, collect data from their peers, and analyze the results;
  • learn how to use their research findings to educate others and pursue social justice;
  • enhance their resumes and college application materials not only by pioneering the first-ever Jewish teen research internship in Chicago, but also by engaging in college-level discussion and research methodology;
  • get to know and be challenged by a diverse group of young Jewish women in the Chicago community with a broad range of backgrounds, experiences, interests, ideas, and skills.

We would like to thank the Jewish United Fund and DePaul University for hosting RTI, and to our for generously supporting the creation and implementation of the Research Training Internship.

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