Women's Giving

Women's giving now accounts for over 16% of our Annual Campaign. By giving a gift in your own name, you embrace an identity that is distinct and independent from that of another family member. Pledge online and help JUF serve millions of women around the world.

Why Give? Because...

We are individuals. We have the ability to demonstrate our personal commitment to Jewish life by making our own pledge. We are asserting ourselves more in business, the professions, the arts and the voting booth and should not abdicate responsibility in the vital area of philanthropy.
We have a voice. With a growing communal power comes responsibility - increased individual giving complements an increased influence around major communal tables.
Your individual and our collective women’s gifts matter. Almost 14 million dollars from women's individual gifts play a major role in meeting the needs of Jews locally, in Israel and throughout the world.

Where Your Gifts Go


We have a choice. We can either hope that someone else will do it OR we can ensure the vitality of world Jewry. Our individual gift decides the vibrancy of the community in which we – and our children and grandchildren – live.

Give Today