Emergency and Financial Services

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The core of our service system is skill-building, Emergency and Financial Services (EFS) provides comprehensive support to people in crisis and offers services and programming with the goal of helping clients increase financial literacy and reach financial stability. Interventions include advocacy on behalf of our clients, financial assistance, budgeting, and case management.

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EZRA clients received case management services

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$222,047 dollars were given to clients in need

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clients worked with a case manager to complete a budget

  • Are you in need of financial assistance to help you through a crisis?
  • Would you like to learn more about budgeting and/or benefits you may be eligible for??

EZRA is always ready to help you so you can get right on living your life.

  • Are you looking for a meaningful and interactive volunteer experience?
  • Do you have financial literacy skills that you would be willing to share with others?

I was in bad shape financially speaking and EZRA made an incredible contribution to my well being. With the help that your organization provided I will be able to slowly get back on my feet, with a roof over my head. Words can not fully express my gratitude.

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